Historical miniatures

historical miniatures

Territory ADRIANAPOLIS is a place of encounter of the fans to the historical miniatures, Battles and History. After many years of experience in the hobby of the Miniatures we have decided to share our illusion by this art on scale. In this territory we will give you one complete information on miniatures, most realised in white copper and others in resin.

In the section CATALOGUE you will find:
The best marks of the market to assure the quality in each our products: figures (54mm, 75mm, 90mm, 200mm), busts (200mm), scenes (54mm) and pedestals.

To buy an historical figure is the first step to feel the illusion and the pleasure to give life to a legendary hero.

If you do not have time and you wish to obtain the historical miniatures already colored we will make a customized budget you to cover all needs and to adapt us to your pocket. Ponte in contact with us in the direction info@adrianapolis.com and consults your doubts.

In the section CURIOSITIES you will find:

  • New features and the news related to the hobby of the historical miniatures.
  • Curiosities and anecdotes of the less well-known history.
  • Strategic studies on battles and combats of all the times.
  • We will give to answer to your doubts and questions; it will be our point of contact.

Don't lose the ample catalogue of our store of historical miniatures: