Waffen SS Specialists (4).

Ref: WGB-SS-25

Flammenwerfer! Infantry close range combat was always terrifying and deadly; it was deadlier still when flamethrowers were brought into play...Teams were carefully trained in their use. Most commonly formed from Engineer and Pioneer companies. They were brave men indeed as they had to close the range to perhaps 30 yards or less for their frightful weapons to take effect.

Mercifully, more often than not, the threat of the searing flame would bring about a surrender or flight from the enemy, but for those unwilling or unable to take flight, death would come hard.

Flamethrower teams therefore were priority targets for snipers, and certainly on the Russian front, the life of a captured flamethrower crew was measured in minutes, such was the horror they inflicted on their foe.

This set features the Warlord Games Figure Head System. This allows you to choose which heads to attach to your models allowing amazing variety and poseability.

This set contains a two man flame thrower team, a sniper and a spotter.

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