French Napoleonic Infantry 1804-1807 (60).

Ref: VX0008

The Victrix French Napoleonic Infantry 1804 to 1807 set features the following:
60 individual figures including officers, standard bearers, NCOs, and drummers.
Separate heads allowing great flexibility in the posing of the models.
All the heads have individual faces sculpted to a high standard giving figures character and an authentic look.
Each set contains advancing, marching and firing line positions with many variations on each type of pose.
The sets contain dozens of arms allowing endless pose combinations. No two units need look the same, this is a huge improvement on sets of metal figures.
Separate back packs, sword scabbards, muskets and pistols providing yet more opportunity for figures to have a unique look.
Fast play rule set written by Barry Hilton from The League of Augsburg will be included in each boxed set.
We have also included a 4 piece measuring rule with the figures that can be used in conjunction with the rule set.
A set of 2 kings colours and 2 regimental colours included in each set. In addition we are providing a different flag sheet for each of our first 4 boxed sets. This potentially provides colours for 8 different regiments.

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